We all know Georgia grows the best peaches, but what could possibly be more iconic and important to the Southern landscape than the shade tree. Pull up a lawn chair, get a good book and a glass of sweet tea, and start dreaming with this Coweta Tree Services list of the Top 6 Shade Trees in Georgia.

Without Further Ado….The Top 6 Shade Trees in Georgia

Northern Red Oak

Size- Up to 80 feet tall. 50 feet wide.

Location- Full sun. Adaptable to any soil type and urban environments.

If you have a large open yard and would like to plant a shade tree that will become a meeting place for the family for generations, what could be better than a stately Red Oak? Big 4-8 inch leaves provide ample shade all summer and a beautiful bright red fall display. Small acorns are a favorite for squirrels and deer.

Trident Maple

Size- 20 feet tall. 20 feet wide

Location- Full sun. Acidic, well-drained soil.

A nice small tree that will do well in a lawn area or near your deck. This tree is easy to transplant and grow. A smaller leaf that is dark green and provides excellent shade. In the fall, you will be treated to a brilliant display of orange and red colors.

Tulip Poplar

Size- 100 feet tall. 30 feet wide.

Location- Full to partial sun. Easy and fast-growing in deep, moist soil.

This fast-growing, tall tree is perfect for keeping the sun off the hot side of your house. Big green leaves provide tons of shade and turn an amazing bright yellow color in the fall. Large yellow flowers in the spring will have cars slowing down to gawk.

Chinese Dogwood

Size- 30 feet tall. 20 feet wide.

Location- Full to Partial Shade. Any soil type. Drought Tolerant.

A small upright growing tree that is very tough, provides plenty of shade in a tight space. Before the leaves come out in spring, the tree is covered in beautiful white to cream-colored flowers that turn pink over time. Later in the year, there are little pink fruits that look like pieces of candy. The fruit is even edible.


Size- 50 feet tall. 30 feet wide.

Location- Full sun or partial shade. All soil type. Easy to grow.

This is a shade tree that has a unique ornamental quality. Light green fan colored leaves are very attractive year-round. They put off a stunning fall color display. Also, the leaves and seeds are used medicinally to improve brain function. We could all use a little of that, right?

Texas Redbud

Size- 20 feet tall. 20 feet wide.

Location- Full Sun. Limestone Soils. Drought Tolerant.

If you live in an area of Georgia with limestone soil, you may want to consider this shade tree from Northern Texas. It can be grown in rows to create privacy or windscreen.

In March or April, the entire tree is covered is pretty red to purple flowers that look a lot like sweet peas. The fruit pods are attractive and stay on all winter.

Why Plant a Shade Tree?

Every tree on this list is perfect to create a shady spot for summer afternoons or throw some shade on your house. They also can help keep your soil from eroding, promote wildlife and pollinators, and will increase the value of your property. When you plant the right tree in the right place, it is a gift that will last many, many years.

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