As the wintertime approaches, it’s imperative to take good care of your trees so that they’ll emerge in the spring as healthy as they were before the winter hit. This way you won’t need tree removal in Newnan! Proper winter tree care in Georgia is fortunately quite straightforward, and in doing so, you’ll make not only yourself but also your tree very happy.


To ensure that your tree is taken good care of in the winter, it’s vital that you first take good care of it in the months beforehand. The summers are the optimal time to inspect your tree for any sign of damage or disease and tend to these issues before your tree goes dormant in the winter.

At the beginning of the fall, you’ll want to begin giving your tree a deep watering once a week, spread fertilizer, and start pruning and trimming dead leaves, flowers, and branches. Trimming and pruning is best to do after the tree is dormant and not while it’s growing like in the spring and summer months.

Keeping Correct Moisture Levels

Because of the deep watering in the fall months, the roots of your tree will store that water to retain the moisture it needs to get through the winter. You don’t want to water your tree if the ground is frozen or if there’s been plenty of snowfall, as you would end up accidentally overwatering your tree. If the winter is a particularly dry one, however, watering once a month is okay.


During the winter, a fantastic way of protecting your tree is by adding mulch around the base. The layer of mulch should be three or four inches tall and can be placed on an existing layer of mulch if that mulch is tended to so it isn’t flattened onto the ground anymore.

Mulch will protect the tree’s roots from the cold by controlling the temperature around the base of the tree. Mulch is also fairly absorbent, so it protects the tree from losing necessary moisture. Dehydration can lead to cracked and broken branches, so this is a smart option to prevent that kind of damage.

Dealing With Pests

During the winter, rodents will be seeking shelter, and they may consider your tree. While the mulch layer will do its part to discourage mice and other rodents from using your tree as their personal space, it’s smart also to set out traps, bait, and pest-repellants that are safe for your tree and other foliage around it.

Tips for Young Trees

To take care of a young tree during the winter, wrap it up in a burlap sack to prevent the sun or the winter winds from damaging it. Keeping it stable with frames or stakes will also further protect it from being jostled around by the wind and broken.

Winter tree care in Georgia is an essential part of keeping your tree’s life healthy. By tending to the tree properly before the winter, keeping the moisture levels right, and keeping away pests, you’ll be allowing your tree to survive through the cold and flourish in the spring when it’s time to grow again.

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