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There are a few reasons why you are searching for Sharpsburg tree services. Are you thinking of removing a few trees from your yard in Sharpsburg Georgia? Or maybe you have a large tree close to the house that worries you every time a storm passes. Or, even worse, that tree has fallen onto your house and you now need an emergency tree removal in Sharpsburg! Is your first thought to get a chainsaw and get rid of it yourself? What about the stumps? Branches? Roots? Removing it from your yard? What looked like a “DIY” job has now evolved into a colossal undertaking with no obvious end in sight.

Calling a professional tree service company in Sharpsburg with the right equipment and experience will make quick work of that tree or trees. Take our word for it, Coweta Tree Service is the right fit for your Sharpsburg tree removal needs. Since we partner with other established local tree service companies, Coweta Tree Services is your one-stop-shop for all of your tree care needs in Sharpsburg or surrounding areas. From smaller-scale jobs such as tree trimming to larger-scale services such as emergency tree removal, you can count on Coweta Tree Services to handle your project professionally, efficiently, and within budget.

We have provided all aspects of tree care to residential, commercial, and municipal properties in and around Sharpsburg and Newan, Ga. We are Coweta’s #1 local tree service company! Locally owned and operated in Sharpsburg Ga, we work only with companies that are fully insured and able to offer several services to address your tree service needs.

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Looking For Professional Tree Services in Sharpsburg Ga?

Residential Tree Services

Residential Tree Services

We recognize that every single tree and yard in Sharpsburg Ga is unique, which is the reason why we offer a variety of residential tree services in Sharpsburg and surrounding areas to keep your trees and your landscape, healthy and vivid all-year-round. Our crew of Sharpsburg tree service professionals will examine your trees and yard and develop an approach that is appropriate for your property goals.

Commercial Tree Services

Commercial Tree Services

We keep your trees healthier and beautiful with necessary tree service maintenance. Your well-managed trees on your commercial property will enhance your curb allure and strengthen your brand. Our commercial tree pruning services in Newnan Ga are exactly what you need. Trees that are appropriately cut survive longer, create a safer environment, and boost your Newnan Georgia commercial property’s visual appeal.

Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removals

We specialize in Emergency Tree Removal in Sharpsburg and surrounding locations. Every tree is either an asset or a liability. Whenever a risk evaluation discovers a potential issue, perhaps the tree is damaged or diseased past repair, tree removal/extraction might be required. Our experienced arborists who specialize in emergency tree services in Sharpsburg can team up with you to safely, securely, and effectively remove your trees.

Why Choose Us?

  • Safety

    Safety is our priority at Coweta Tree Services, which is why we take all essential safety precautions when carrying out our Newnan tree services. We also carry comprehensive insurance coverage, defending both you and our team members.

  • Experience

    Coweta Tree Services has been doing remarkable tree service work around Coweta and Fayette county for years. We take pride in our superb track record and in all the work that we have done in our communities throughout the years.

  • Emergency Tree Services

    Trees are gorgeous and needed for the health and wellness of the earth, yet sometimes they create havoc when limbs and whole trees fall or are soon to fall and cause damage. You can count on Coweta Tree Services to be there in any variety of tree-related emergencies in Newnan Ga.

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    A tree is a living, breathing thing that needs the same care as any other plant or animal. Tree services should be just as important to you as your lawn maintenance and landscaping services are. Here at Coweta Tree Services, we know tree care – all of it! From tree removal and pruning to arborist work, we are your Newnan Ga tree service expert!

    Needing Tree Services in Sharpsburg, Ga?

    Coweta Tree Services is the trusted name in Sharpsburg Georgia and surrounding areas. We’ve been serving our community for over 10 years and have the experience to know what you need when it comes to tree care.

    When your tree needs an expert’s attention, call us at (678) 552-4080!


    5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us For All Your Sharpsburg Tree Service Needs?

    1. Our tree service experts are all certified, trained professionals.
    2. We provide free estimates on tree services with no obligation.
    3. You can trust us for tree trimming in Sharpsburg or tree removal needs: we’ve been in business for over a decade.
    4. We stand by our work and want to make sure you are satisfied with the tree service done.
    5. We are a local Sharpsburg, Ga company and we love our city!

    Frequently Asked Tree Services Questions

    You should expect to pay somewhere between $250 and $4,000 for tree removal services, though the typical cost to take down a tree remains in the $600-$750 area. Tree removal rates depend on the size of the tree in question, and big trees generally cost more to get rid of than little ones.

    Trees under 30 feet in height are considered little, and removing a small tree usually costs between $250 and $500. Numerous fruit trees are small, as are crab apple and aspen-type trees.

    A medium-sized tree, such as maple or elm, is 30-60 feet high and will cost somewhere between $600 and $1,000 to remove. Like a fully grown oak, a big tree is 60-80 feet tall and costs about $800 to $1,500 to remove. Any older tree taller than 80 feet will cost around $1,200-$2,500 to remove and takedown entirely.

    However, height isn’t the only dimension that matters. In general, taller trees also have thicker trunks. A tall tree with a narrow trunk may cost less to get rid of than a tree of the same height with a thick trunk. If a smaller tree has a thick trunk that’s especially laborious to cut, the tree removal company might charge you extra. Likewise, a tree with more than one trunk makes for a more complex and costlier removal.